session tips

Kid/Family session tips:
*if you have young kids and are taking a family picture, it is a good idea to bring grandma or someone that your children will look at and be entertained by during our shoot.  There is only so much entertaining (singing, jumping, etc) I can do behind the camera and still ensure good pictures. 

*make sure you've scheduled your appointment when your child is happy. Captain Obvious here but it will make a happier child and happier mom if your child is fed before our appointment. Happier kids (and moms) produce better pictures! And bring a few snacks in case we need to fuel them up!  And be choosy about what snacks to bring.. pretzels, animal crackers and non-messy (quick to eat) snacks are the best.  

*if your kids are motivated by gum, candy, etc.. PLEASE bring it!  Sometimes the happiest of kids will be straight faced when it's time for pictures.

*for mom's especially.. PLEASE do not get stressed!  Kids can sense your stress and we all know that if mama ain't happy, no one is happy!  Try to relax and believe me.. we'll get some shots!

*props are fun but if you've noticed, I'm not big on many props.  BUT if your child is into something (toy airplane, trucks, etc) and you want to document their fetish, then feel free to bring them.  We can use them in a few pictures.

*a lot of times if the weather permits, we will ditch shoes.  Just a warning that I might ask you to do so!

*if you have a fun chair at home or a really pretty quilt.. bring it!  I'm always in search for new things to put your or your kids' hiney on.

*please make sure that when you arrive at our session that your child's face is free from dried food, boogers, etc.. this makes hours of difference in editing if your child's face is clean!

*if your child is typically messy, dress them in play clothes on the way to the shoot.  Once you get to the session change them into their designated clothing. Less stress for you worrying about getting clothes dirty on the way!

Senior session tips:
*girls... if you don't normally wear eye liner, please do on the day of our session. Also layer on an extra coat of mascara.  You may feel like it's a bit much in the makeup department but you will like that your eyes will pop in the images!

*if you don't usually wear lipstick or lip gloss, wear just a tad on the day of our session.  Bring it along to the shoot too because it will come off through all the smiles and outfit changes.

*super trendy clothes are so fun.. accessories are also fun.  Necklaces, scarfs, hats, etc.. don't forget fun earings!  But most importantly, bring clothing that you feel comfortable in!  These images are a reflection of you.

*wear a tank top under your clothing for the session. It's makes thing much more modest when if you need to change in a not so modest location. Also, wear a bra that will work for all the outfits you bring!  Strapless is a great idea so you don't have to worry about straps showing.



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