Saturday, July 31, 2010

My bro and his family...

This is my bro and his wife, Natalie!  My newphews, Jett and Brayden and my new baby niece, Kyla.  DId a little photo shoot documenting Jett's 5th year of life, Bray's 3rd year and Miss Kyla's 3rd month.  Whew.  Did a little children of the corn shoot.  =)  Also went to the tractor cemetary down the road because Jett and Bray love tractors... hence the first picture of the fam in their John Deere hats!  Even miss Kyla has a hat!  Love it!


Jewel said...

Love the 1st picture...but how come Natalie doesn't have a hat on? I really love the one with their backs but then Kyla is looking back. Great pics, like usual!

a.tonagel said...

Couple things...
Natalie where is your hat???? :)

Adorable family! love all these cornfield pics.

Darcy, you rock at family shoots. I think that is definitely your best work. I love looking at your family shots. Great job!



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