Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 month shoot and a cute family!!!

Had a fun filled shoot on Sunday afternoon with the M family!  Poor mama wasn't feeling so hot.. the flu wouldn't deter her from canceling our shoot!! Bless her heart!  We ended up doing quick family pictures and then concentrated on Miss L's 8 month shoot.  This was the 2nd time I got to capture this family and I love, love, LOVE seeing kids grow.  It's definitely a fun part of my job.  And you'll see Miss L in 4 months as we do her 1 year shoot!  Thanks for using me, M family!

After this weekend my fall session madness begins!  Keep checking back because I'll be updating this site with all my sessions about every other day.. I KNOW!  Thank you so much for booking with me, ya all!


a.tonagel said...

adorable!!! sweet little girls and beautiful pics.

Jewel said...

Woo hoo, a Detroit Tigers fan!



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