Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another baby packager turns 3 months!

Yet another baby packager turned 3 months this past week.  That means she gets a visit from crazy camera lady, Darcy!  She was SO, SO happy and smiley for this shoot. At her newborn shoot she was a wee bit fussy and an hour and a half into it her mama and I prayed over her.. she puked and we got the shots we needed!  This time I think her mama prayed before we got there because she was nothing but smiles! And she rolled over for the first time while I was there too.. the second time I've seen a client's 3 month old roll over for the first time!  We took some pictures of the entire family too for their Christmas Card.. those boys makes me GIGGLE!   

Thanks, K family!

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Jewel said...

I didn't realize that she has dimples! So so cute! Great pictures!



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