Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scheduling Announcement...

Hey, all!

Just a quick scheduling note.. unless you are apart of my baby package family or already have a session booked then I will not be taking session appointments in January or February.  I'm taking a little bit of a break to recharge and refuel.  Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE what I do but just need a period of time to give my family some undivided attention.. I've been going full speed with 12-20 sessions each month since last April.  January and February are typically super slow months anyway because of the weather but I just wanted to make the announcement here too to say it out loud because I really do love what I do.. just know my limits.  =)

I am booking for Spring sessions starting in March.  I've already booked quite a few sessions for March-June so if you want a spring session please contact me at  They are going quick!  And if you are pregnant and want to be apart of my baby package family then please contact me asap.

I've also added some new tips in my "tips" section at the top of this page under the header picture.  Make sure you read them if you have a session scheduled with me.  And also take a look under "things to know" tab to see my cancellation policy and all that other fun stuff.

Thanks, guys.  Love ya all for being so loyal to me and even if you've never booked a session with me or are just like to look at my pictures on my blog.. thanks!  I truly do mean that.


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