Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miss M is 3 months...

Spent my morning the other day with Miss M snapping some shots to document her being 3 months!  She had a bunch of smiles for me and was looking extra cute with her head attire and skinny jeans. =)  Miss M is a baby packager so you'll be seeing her again in April.  Isn't it fun to watch them grow?  I know I love it!
Looking forward to next time, T family!

We braved the cold for a few minutes to get some shots on the ice on Wawasee Lake.  Daddy likes to ice fish so this shot was important to him. =) Poor M had just woken up for us to take her blanket off. =(

Out on the ice!!!
Double click on the pics for super large, super sharp views of the images. =)

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