Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anna & Noah Session

It's always a blast to get to know my clients more.  Anna and Noah's parents were referred to me by another client and had their first session in September.  We had a great time running through the apple farm and sunflower patch. This time I visited their home and the kids acted as tho we were old friends!  LOVE IT!  It's great when parents talk to their kids about me coming over.. it helps with the kids feeling more at ease with the crazy camera lady coming over and sticking her big ol' camera in their face!  Anna just turned 2 and we got some pics of Noah as well.. thanks again for using me, S family!  LOVE getting to know ya and hope to see you in the fall!


Yoder Schrock Family said...

Oh thank you Darcy!!! I just love the pix you've posted. Can't wait to see them all. Thanks again for a lovely time together. Jon and I both commented after you left how painless and actually fun having the kids' pictures taken is when it's with you.

a.tonagel said...

what an awesome compliment from the above client! Adorable kids and super cute photos!

Jill said...

Love the pics Darcy. They are such cuties!

Jewel said...

Hey, those 2 cute kiddos are my buddies!!

They are all great pics but here are my favorites:

the one of Anna in front of the brick

the one of Noah w/his hands behind his head

the 2nd one of Noah & Anna together



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