Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr. Elijiah

Annnnd my little bit of a break is over!  For the next few weeks, that is. =)  Fun to start back up with Mr. Elijiah's 18 month session. He was full of personality and one he figured out that he could come behind me and see the pictures then he would sit long enough for me to get one picture and would be up to come behind me to see his adorable self on my screen!!  He was cracking me up.   It's been fun to take his pictures sine he was 3 months old... right when they moved into town.  He's such a cutie and the good news is that his mama is pregnant.. even more cutie babies to shoot!
(Double click to get great big views of the pictures)

 We had to take some of big brother Benjamin.. he picked out his own clothes today, he told me. =) And he's adorable and my camera can't help but take his picture!!!!

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Jewel said...

Oh, those are awesome pictures! Those 2 boys are absolutely adorable! Elijah likes his thumb, eh? :)



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