Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wogoman Extended Family Session

 Sorry for the delay in posts and shoots!  Last week I had 2 sessions postpone because of rain and then Friday and Saturday with 2 more sessions booked I was doooown with strep throat.  So 3 sessions had to be rescheduled and 1 session my photographer friend stepped in for me.. it was another extended family session who's eldest daughter was traveling many hours to be to!  Couldn't really reschedule that!  


Finally on Sunday night I was feeling better so off to the Wogoman's I went.  And what a fun time it was!  They had 10 grand babies 6 years old and under so we ALL were hopping!  They were so, so good and thank the Lord my antibiotic was working because the big family shots included me jumping and twirling to get the kids' attention!  Thanks again for using me, Wogoman's!  I always enjoy hanging with your family.   


Anonymous said...

Sooooo great! I love the colors they're wearing. So Springy.

So many little ones, too! Melts my heart :)

Linz said...

So...I showed Brock the very first family pic, and I started cracking up to the point I was crying! I love my husband, but man I made fun of him in that picture! Even he started making fun of himself because it's like he's saying "haaaay! How's it goin'??:)" In a very flamboyant tone! lol! His body position and smile is just too funny! My fave is all of us on our bellies...I love it! Thanks again babe!



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