Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Man this family is cute!

Um, yeah. This family really IS this adorable in real life! This is the 3rd time we've met so far and I think they keep getting cuter and cuter!  And more candid! Saturday we beat the heat walking around for our locations. The girls were a riot and the perfect little models. I had a blast, Mishler family!


Sara C. said...

Beautiful pictures :) I want this mama's dress - any clue where she got it? :)

darcy said...

She was asked on my Facebook and said she got it at Forever 21. =) Good luck!

Sara C. said...

thanks :)

Angie Weybright said...

I know that red alley!! I park my car there every day for work :) Funny when I started working here it occurred to me that it would make a good backdrop for pics!!
Great job as always, Darcy!



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