Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miss Ava graduated...

From my baby package. =(  

I know! I had a ton born at the same time last summer and now all of them are leaving me.  Ah.. good things must come to an end. And Wednesday morning Ava was a doll-baby for me!  Another non-walking 1 year old (yeah!).  Makes my job much easier. Her mama added their yearly family pictures and individuals of each of her older brothers too. We had a lot to accomplish but we did it and even got some smash cake picture with Ava too! Thanks so much for a great year with your adorable baby girl, King's!  I'm going to miss capturing Ava every 3 months!  

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ThisIsMyLife said...

she gets cuter every time I see her! and Darcy, your photography always amazes me! you do such a great job!



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