Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to wear.. special blog addition

This is a little different that most of my blog posts!  I try to keep just photo sessions on this blog because it's my photography blog.. I like it to be simple and just include recent sessions or updates to my business. 

BUT I get asked all the time from clients.. "What should we wear to our session?"  

So in honor of my family having our own session on Sunday evening, I thought I'd take you along on my thought process in putting together my family's attire. Now, I am NOT an expert nor am I the one in your pictures so please take my advice with a grain of salt and pick whatever outfits you'd like for your own session!  These are just some tips on my thought process in putting together our little outfit ditty. 

First start with the hardest member of the family to dress. Like do you have red head?  They probably have a certain color that they don't look good in. Maybe you shouldn't plan a color scheme that has fire engine red in it. Just saying.  Most of the time the mama likes to start with herself because there are very certain things that a  mama feels good in.  And you more than likely booked the session.. and begged your hubby and kids to act like they like it and smiles their little hearts out for me.  Sound familiar?  I planned our attire around my 25 week protruding belly.  Not so many clothes I feel super pretty in at the moment.  I found an outfit I felt comfortable in and went to my hubby and girls' closets. 

I chose the below shirt and leggings for myself.. now I'm working off indigo blue, teal, white and brown. Darin had two options.. the shirt I choose below and an indigo and blue white checked button down.  I brought both of those shirts and my own outfit to my girls' closets and started browsing.  I knew Adie had an indigo blue top and khaki capri's that would work.  Brown sandals and she's set.  Joya was a bit harder but I did find a plain white shirt and was going to settle on khaki capri's for her too until I remembered that she had some blue leggings SCORE!  Found her teal sandals and that brought in some more of the teal color into our color scheme.  After seeing how much white, brown and indigo blue all us ladies had, I knew I had to go with the white and teal striped shirt for Darin. This is our attire completed...

I will make some ridiculously large hair attire things for my girls and we'll be set.  I'll try to find the teal color for their hair things to bring even more of the teal into our images. 

Simple as that!  Start with one person and build from that.  And please act surprised when you see our family pictures. You already know what clothes we'll be wearing. =)

Here are some more tips on what to do and what not to do for our sessions.  

* Be stylish but represents your family's style.  Don't try to pull off a look that you feel totally uncomfortable in or doesn't look like "you".

* Accessorize.  Don't forget necklaces and jewelry that will totally top off your look. Also.. big ol' sports watches don't look good in pictures.. keep those at home. I'll keep track of the time for us, don't worry. =)

*Don't let your children dress yourselves. Yes, that has happened. You have invested in these pictures.. what you say goes. =) Amen. 

* Where are you going to hang these in your home?  Are you going for super bright colors in your images and then end up converting them all to black and white because they don't go with your sage green walls? Um yes.. that has happened to me. =) Experience on that one.

* If you have a baby.. please don't dress them UNTIL you get to our session.  They will drool or barf on them in the car before you get there.. guaranteed. 

* Think about where we are shooting.  Did you choose a barn setting but have a more urban look in your clothing?  Might not go so well. Or did you choose a bright, blooming garden to shoot at and chose a flowery shirt so if you fell in the beds we'd never find you? Match your attire with the location we are shooting. Usually more solid colors look best at a bright, flowering garden.

* This one is a hair tip.. mom's with little girls.. PLEASE style or pull back their hair out of their faces. There have been MANY sessions I've done where I've spend hours editing out hairs that the wind blows into their faces and eyes. It would help me out greatly if their hair is under control.  

* And this isn't clothing advice.. but please throw away your gum at the beginning of the session. I have edited out many a wads of gum in images and it takes me forever.  Don't let gum be apart of your wardrobe. =)

And here's a great resource to look at if you have a session coming up soon and need some ideas!  She even tells you where she found the outfits. =)  Search "Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets  photography} on Facebook. Try THIS LINK to take ya there. 

That's all I have for now. Let me know if you need more coaching with your attire... I'd love to help!  


JKTUCEK said...

Hi Darcy! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to tell all of us what looks good and what doesn't from behind the lens. This is exactly what everyone wants to know, but may be afraid to ask. :) Looking forward to seeing your family pics!

Nikki said...

These are the same colors we're using! Well...sorta :) I'm doing indigo blue, black & white (and probably some khaki in there). You guys will look super cute!

Jewel said...

Those are great tips!

Kat said...

such good tips! and love your family outfit choices :)
i've been meaning to ask you, i've noticed families wearing all a differnt solid color, making up a rainbow. seen it in a few of your shoots, wondered if you suggested that or if they did it on their own? i LOVE the way it looks, and actually dressed the whole family like that when we went to the fair. cause i'm random. and never got a picture of our family....

Susan Weinroth said...

you are ADORABLE darcy and i absolutely can not wait to see your family session photos - LOVE the indigo/teal scheme!!!

a.tonagel said...

Looks good! I went shopping tonight for our stuff. Didn't get anything for anyone but myself. :) hah! I am either going to look a bit on the hoochie side or way to sweet and innocent. Not sure which look to go for yet. :) Might have to have you help me. :)



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