Friday, September 30, 2011

Makenna's newborn session


This newborn was a DREAM!!!  She has set the bar high for photographed newborns everywhere.  =)  She was so sleepy for us and only peed on one of my blankets. Now that is just unheard of for a newborn.  Also loved that her mama booked me way back in April!  Love it when mama's think ahead that far.  This bebe is also beautiful which always makes photographing fun.  Thanks for trusting me with your newborn, Drake family!!!  She was a joy!

Got a few of the entire family as well. =)  Aren't her bro and sis gorgeous too?

Had to leave you with this smiley picture.. finally got one of a newborn!  I was starting to get a complex that I'd never get a dreamy smile on a newborn!  Gotcha, Miss Makenna!

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