Friday, October 14, 2011

Cortney's Senior Session

It's that time of year when I have booked all my senior sessions!  And they are all ladies. =)  I did 2 last weekend and have 4 in the next 8 days.. work with me, Mr. Weather!  Cortney was my Sunday appointment last weekend and man, did we have fun!  She is a free spirited gal that has a huge smile and fun attitude.  She was up for anything and I just loved my time with her!  She's an amazing golfer so we started on the greens.. totally fun and all the golf-cart riding just about put me into labor.  Just kidding but it was a ride!  Thanks so much for booking with me, Cortney!  It was my pleasure getting to know you and sticking my camera in your face for a few hours. 

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Sara C. said...

Great pictures, Darcy :)



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