Monday, April 9, 2012

anna at 9 months and benjamin at 4

This is one of those times I thank God for my business.. Jill booked me almost 3 years ago when she moved into town and we started a friendship.  She's a client turned good friend, attends my mom's group with me and I ALWAYS look forward to sessions with her family! This one was to capture Miss Anna at 9 months and Benjamin at 4 (and a half). He has a late fall birthday so we usually shoot in November.. mama wanted something different for him this year so we waited for spring. =) And I'm so glad we did!  We got some amazing shots of all 3 kids together and alone. Man, I love that my job has introduced me into some of my closest friends!

And Elijah's 3 year old session isn't til June but we HAD to snap a few of him looking all adorable!

Had to keep this one because it's so real-life. =)  Benjo throwing grass at me and Anna pulling her bro's hair while he laughs. =)

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