Tuesday, June 5, 2012

chase+allison engagement session


You could say we had a little fun at this session.

I just LOVE these two. They were both members on my husband's track team and Chase was also our quarterback in football.. my hubby also coaches football. They also go to our church and have babysat our kids many times. We just LOVE them!  They have been together since the 7th grade which will be 7 years this October, Allison informed me. They were always the "high-school sweethearts" Darin and I rooted for to stick together. Well, the fall of their freshman year of college Chase proposed and Allison quickly contacted me about being her wedding photographer! I was so honored and was happy to take on such an important role in their wedding. We booked an engagement session and both came with many ideas.. I feel like we were able to hit a home run with conveying how these two feel about each other!  Some fun, some sexy and some just plain cute!  

I am showing you more images then I usually show in a normal session because my wedding couples have special privileges.. I accept very few weddings and they were definitely one I wanted to shoot!

I just feel honored to know you both and can't wait to see what God has in store for your marriage!  Just love you guys!

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