Wednesday, July 11, 2012

chase + kristen engagement session

Meet Chase and Kristen.. another one of my 2013 weddings. Kristen holds a special place in my heart... she was one of my gymnasts when I coached. We solved many of the worlds problems when she was on beam. She is a hoot and a  half and I just love her. I finally got to meet her fiance, Chase, at our session! When you see someone's pictures enough on facebook you assume you know them.. well now I finally do!  We started out our evening on a classic truck and ended in the lake with a canoe. It was the perfect night with weather, creativity and this perfect couple!

Their wedding is next June and I'm so excited to be apart of their day. Just count how many pictures there are of them laughing.. love how much they love to laugh!

Just loved this one. =)
We ended with a good ol' water fight. 


Lauren said...

love these! :)

Stephanie said...

These are AMAZING-----magazine-worthy gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I think I will be pinning quite a few on my pinterest boards. You are so creative with your poses and ideas, and of course, it helps that the subjects are stunning as well (is it okay to call a man stunning? Lol)



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