Saturday, July 28, 2012

korb family session

LOVE this family!!! Molly and I met 14 years ago when we were moving into our dorms at Shreve Hall at Purdue University. My dad walked by her room and liked their loft. Dad checked it out so he could build my roommate and I one and Molly and I chatted and hit if off immediately. Shared an apartment our sophomore year and then she went to Gordon College the last 2 years to be with Micah.. her now hubby.

Every year my family goes to Iowa for my husband to speak at a church camp. Molly lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but spends the month of July at her parents lake house in Wisconsin. We make Wisconsin on our way to Iowa and let our girls play for 2 days and take the boat out for tubing and skiing. We just have a ball!

LOVE this girl so much.. she holds a special place in my heart that will never be replaced! 
 Molly's dad passed away in January so this picture feels like there's a piece missing. But what a great capture of Linda laughing with her grand-daughters. 
 I just love the below image. ANYONE that knows Mol can just hear her laugh!  I wish I could hear your laugh every day, Molly! Miss you!
 High school sweethearts.. I don't even know how many years total they have been together.. 15 or so? SO COOL!

 Those are 2 of my little ladies in there with Molly's girls! We do this picture every year. =)

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