Monday, August 6, 2012

the greene family

Well.. this is my SISTER and her boys!  She just left from visiting for 2 weeks. They live in Washington State so yeah, a bit of a haul to get to Indiana. They only do it once a year and we always try to stick in some pictures while they are here. 

My older 2 twin nephews are 5.. just 3 weeks younger than my oldest daughter, Adelyn. And then James is 3.. just 5 weeks younger than my Joya (middle daughter).  Needless to say.. it's pure chaos when they are here. My bro and his wife have 3 kids of their own so that makes 9 grand-kids 7 years old and younger. 

I love my sister so... really wished she lived closer. =( LOVE her visits, tho!

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