Tuesday, September 25, 2012

rumfelt extended family session

This session is filled with people I love.. and grew up with! Don and Tuse were some of my parents best friends. They are one of the 5 couples that calls themselves "the gang" and have been through thick and thin over the last 40 years. Tuse was one of my mom's nearest and dearest friends. One of the many only-a-best-friend-would-do thing I remember her doing was shaving my mom's legs and painting her nails in her hospital room for my brother's wedding. (My mom passed away from cancer almost 10 years ago). They are one of those super meaningful couples in my family's life. =)

Don and Tuse celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last week and there was a bit of a party to celebrate. Their entire family was in town so it called for a session! So happy to be able to help them out and document their family 40 years later. All their children grown and married with 6 grand-babies.. their legacy lives on!  Love you, Rumfelt's!

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