Thursday, October 25, 2012

jenna senior session

I have had THE most beautiful seniors this year! I had suuuuuch a great time hanging out with Jenna and her mama Sherri. I had done Jenna's sister's senior portraits 3 years ago.  SO glad they booked again with me and sadly they are out of daughters. =( Jenna has SO much going to her. I felt like I was with royalty since she just won Wawasee's homecoming queen and all. And she's a cheerleader. And she's look at Vet School next year.. at PURDUE. See, she's got everything going for her! (I'm a PU grad.)  

I know with her fun personality, gorgeousness and smarts she will achieve anything she sets her heart to! Had a ball with you on Sunday afternoon, Jenna!

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