Monday, November 19, 2012

kio kids session

Got together with the Kio kids last week in my studio to capture Anna at 18 months and Benjamin at 5 years. Man, I love these kids! They are so easy! And friend and mama Jill and I figured out that we've been together for over 3 years! I took Elijah's 4 month pictures way back when and he's 3 and a half now. Man, time flies! And I'm so glad that Jill was a client turned friend! I just love her! And her adorable kiddos. =)


Anonymous said...

My name is Diane and I liked you on FB. I want to vote for #11. What a fun idea.

On the River's Edge said...

Liked on FB before! Of course I have to vote for #19 Toth's ;)

Lou stuckey said...

Hi. My name is Lou and I want to vote for the Kio's, #7.



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