Thursday, March 28, 2013

kimmel maternity & 18 month session

This one is near and dear to my heart.. this is my life-long friend, Babe. Well, her real name is Karissa but I've called her Babe since we were tiny. Babe and her hubby Luke and son Reese work at a church in Africa. They are home for a bit because of some complications in her pregnancy. Babe has a special little guy in that belly. Baby John is 32 weeks and some heart issues that we all need to pray hard about. His little heart is growing on the outside of his body along with some other heart/lung issues. Please help me in asking the Lord needs to perform a miracle to sustain life for baby John. Babe and Luke are so trusting in Him and know that God loves this little baby more than they do. Just help me pray, pray, pray for baby John.

And don't these images make you smile? Babe, Luke and Reese are so joyful under the circumstances... only possible through knowing Jesus Christ! What a privilege to know them and to serve the God they serve.

We took some images for Reese's 18 month milestone as well. Let's just say we chased him and were able to capture a few!! HA!

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