Tuesday, May 21, 2013

amelia 8 month session

Ok so Amelia has been THE easiest baby! Her newborn session was a record hour and a half where she slept the entire time and didn't poo on ANY of my props. Her 4 month session was also a breeze where she smiled (not always a given at the 4 month) and cooed at us. And this 8 month session?? As always.. she was perfect! And her hair had grown even longer than it was before.. she has the longest hair I've ever seen on an 8 month old baby!  This session included piggy tails, smiles, sweetness and some images with a white dress that her grandmother wore when she was a baby. All in all a PERFECT session! Only one more session in the baby package left.. I just may cry!

And as always.. if you are a baby packager and the family is around I always capture a few family images!!!  Just a perk of being a baby package family!

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