Wednesday, July 24, 2013

henderson couples session

Liz contacted me well over a year ago to schedule a session. Fast forward a year and a half or so and probably 4 postponed sessions and we finally met up on Saturday for session day! They live in Indianapolis so scheduling a time when they could travel to be up here is tough. SO GLAD that it all worked out because we had a gorgeous day and so many fun props and ideas that we accomplished! And love that they did a couples session.. they are still young and married and so often those years pass by too quickly without professionally documenting your lives before you start a family. 

Thank you so much for choosing me, guys and traveling 3 hours for our session! Had an amazing time and can't wait to see these pictures on the next "House Hunter's - Where are They Now" episode! HA! 

(FYI - this couple was on HGTV's House Hunters about a year ago.. they will be on an updated show to show what their house looks like now! Can't wait to see it because they completely re-modeled their home!) 

Something about this image I just loved. =)

Liz needed some new headshots for her profession.. LOVE doing that kind of thing! And it's so easy to take pictures of a completely gorgeous woman.. inside and out! Can't you just tell joy exudes from her?  

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