Sunday, July 7, 2013

kristen + chase wedding

Um.. be prepared for an AMAZING wedding!  

Lots of you know that I don't do many weddings. I consider each one and 99.9% of the time I turn them down. They are not conducive to my small family with how much time I'm gone the actual day of the wedding and time spent after the wedding with edits. But.. when Kristen asked me I was so honored. Kristen is also near and dear to my heart, just like the couple from my 1st June wedding was. Kristen was a former gymnast of mine and those team girls have a special place in my heart. Just love them. So being so close to her every minute of the biggest day of her life was an honor. 

Kristen and Chase's wedding was filled with vintage goodness coming from everywhere!  It was at an amazing venue, The Back 40 in Bourbon, Indiana. If you like a gorgeous, classic vintage weddings with a gorgeous couple.. you'll like these images. =) Enjoy! 

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