Friday, November 8, 2013

duenke family session

This session is so, so extra special. I am SO honored when people drive even an hour to use me. I have some Indianapolis clients.. three hours they drive to use yours truly! it's insane to me. 

But this couple? 

This couple drove 5 hours from Ohio AND spent the night before to have a session with me! 

WOAH! Talk about crazy honored! AND crazy freaking out about the forecast from me! It worked out perfectly and even though I grew a stress zit out of worrying about the weather, it all turned out great. We chased the boys for an hour or so and captured some shots. It was PERFECT! 

I met Nichole through the crazy old scrapbooking world of Two Peas In a Bucket. We've met once before this but it was so fun to see her again. I just love her heart and pretty smile! Makes me smile right back!

Um, lil Liam? He was a hard sell on picture day! 18 monthers are hard because they just want to ruuuuuun!!!! We've got some classic images in the gallery but just loved this sweetie one of him with his daddy. Don't let him fool ya, this was 1 second of him being still! I'm a ninja shooter.  Caught him! I won! (This time....) 

Even my jumping and craziness didn't crack a smile out of Liam!  Whaaaaaa???

I'm convinced EVERY parent needs an image of them screaming at their kids. Yep. Sure do. 
This one may not end up on the wall but I'm pretty sure when these boys are in high school both Nate and Nichole will be able to relive "THIS" emotion!

Til next time, Nichole! The next time can't be 6 years from now like our last. =) Pretty sure you and I won't have 5 more babies between us.. THAT I know!

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