Thursday, November 14, 2013

the *new* darcy holsopple photography

For my entire photography career, I've been waiting to go to the perfect workshop.  Last week I attended a workshop with a crazy well known photography duo and it changed my vision for my business.  As I was sitting at day two of the AMAZING workshop I had an epiphany. At one point I got all teary-eyed and it *hit* me. 

What I do is important.

I need to do what I love.

Do what I am passionate about.

I don't have to say yes to every kind of session.

I am doing a disservice to my clients to do a session that isn't 100% what I love doing... what I "specialize" in.  

My excitement and love for what I do should show in my images. Period. 

And I feel like my passion DOES come through certain sessions that I do. Can you guess what they are? Come on.. try. =) Read on if you haven't figured it out. 

And it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to go to the bathroom to compose myself.. I KNOW! Embarrassing!!!  Take me away from my hubs and girls for two whole days and mama does some crazy reflection and becomes a blubbering mess!  

I want you, a client or one that might want to be one, to look at your images 30 years from now and truly *see* and *remember* what your family was like when they were younger. What I would GIVE for images me on my mom's hip when I was two. What I would GIVE for images of the way my dad held my moms hand whenever he got a chance.  I am getting emotional just thinking about it!  My mom has been gone for almost 11 years and the only thing I have left of hers are memories and pictures. Pictures help me remember the legacy she left. 

And I want to do that for you. 

All that being said, things are going to look a little different around darcy holsopple photography from here on out. I'm going to shoot what I love because it's fair to YOU. And me.

This is what I'm taking away from what I offer:  

- I will no longer be taking future traditional studio newborn sessions
*IF* you have a newborn session with me, don't worry.. we still have a traditional studio newborn session! I will give my ALL and do all my tricks and use the skills I have acquired over the past 6 years of doing a fair amount of newbies.

-I will no longer be taking an individual child session. 
(ie: your kid when they turn 4)  

- I will no longer be taking baby packages
(session as a newborn, 4 month, 8 month & 12 months).  Again, don't worry if you are currently in the middle of a baby package or if you currently have one scheduled. We're good. I'll finish out your child.  I'll still do mostly images of your child and if you want some family images then I'll continue to do as I've always done.

And isn't that crazy? I NEVER realized that I was pushing my passion on all my baby packages by offering some family images along with their baby pictures. 

I am so slowwwwwwwwww.

This leads me into what I will be offering. 

Family sessions

Senior sessions

2-3 family mini session dates a year

an occasional (very GOOD fit for both bride/groom and darcy) wedding

So that means that everything I offer will fall under 3 prices. Family, Senior and Weddings. I like simple. Simple is GOOD for me!

The amount of images in a normal session I will give are going up.. I've always guaranteed 30-ish images and give way more than that.. because I LOVE families! I am SO SLOW! How did I not realize this before now? Sorry.. another side note. =) You will be getting more images of candid, fun, YOU images. Of course there will be traditional "looking at the camera" ones too.  

And don't worry, individuals of kids will be included in a family session like they always have.  And if you want pictures of your little guy when he hits four? Then book a family session! Just know that it'll be primarily a family session long with some individuals of your kids at the family session price.

And you know me and seniors. I love high school-ers. I always have. I coached gymnastics for 5 years and when my hubby was a youth pastor, those girls were MY girls. I've been saying "no" to wayyy too many seniors because my books were too full. Hopefully my new business plan will open up space for many more seniors. Because I love them. 

So there you have it. 

I'm doing families, seniors and a few weddings.. AH! It's freeing. I've already got the formerly planned studio space in the new house we will build next year switched over to an office space. My current studio will still be used in the meantime for the newbies on my calendar and baby packages. It's going to take awhile to implement my new business plan.. I have an April 2014 newborn on my books whom is also a baby packager. =) 

Let me know if you have questions, thoughts, comments.. but know that this has been so freeing for me. I know I have people tell me that they can't wait for me to do their newbie session when they have kids. Or they look forward to that cake smash when they are one. Book me when your child turns one!  Just know that it's primarily a family session. I'll capture your kids each on their own.. but a  child's 1 year old session solely on it's own not offered anymore. 

And YES! I will still be doing the booking blitz! Rest assured, current clients! You'll still have first dibs on 2014 dates. 

And new pricing will be rolled out within the week! 
Still praying about that one.
Cuz you all know how I love pricing...

Leaving you with family images of my own. I love these people and if I'm going to be away from them.. it's going to because I'm doing something I love and am super passionate about. That amazing hubby and my crazy, awesome ladies are my legacy and they are only number two to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  

Love you guys! Thanks for reading this crazy long post and hearing my heart!


Stephanie DeBolt said...

XOXO I'm glad I was able to be there, and see you grow. You're such a special soul, I'm glad you feel like you've found what you were always looking for.

Kate Searcy said...

I truly love how you are able to voice what you want to accomplish! You are such an inspiration! I love how you portray families, share special moments between parents and young ones, as well as bring the honest glow of a family out for the world to see! God has blessed you with a gift and I am honored to know you (from waaaayyyy back)! All my wishes for your plan to evolve as you see it!

a tonagel said...

good girl. :)

Anonymous said...

oh the BBMK epiphany is a beautiful thing. Good luck to you in the coming year! Sound like you'll continue doing great things!!

Rachel Lusky said...

Wow! So amazing that you've realized your true passion and are just going for it!! great job :) your family pictures are gorgeous too - who took them?

Sally said...

Inner and outer growth is a beautiful thing. Congrats to you, Darcy!

Chrissy Deming said...

I love having these moments in my business!!! It's so freeing when you set boundaries and do what you love! Thanks for sharing! :D

Jaime said...

DARCY!! This is the EXACT realization that I have come to with my business this year! EXACT! But...I've been too scared to really 'announce' that to my clients, until now! Your blog post was JUST what I needed to see today, thanks for sharing! And please, when we get scared about this 'leap of faith' to specialize, let's chat, k? :)

Megan D said...

Get it girl! Congrats! And LOVE your yellow necklace. Your family is precious!



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