Tuesday, June 22, 2010

37 week Hot Mama!

This 37 week pregnant mama was a TROUPER on Sunday afternoon! The temperature was well above 90 degrees with the humidity and she couldn't have looked any more radiantly beautiful!  Her hubby and I go way back so it was also fun to catch up with him too. You can tell that this baby girl is going to come into a home with parents that love each other and lotsa love for her.  And you'll get to meet the little gal late July or early August.. they are apart of my "baby package" family now. So you'll get to see her from belly, then as a newborn, and then at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months!  You are going to see a lot of this family!  Thanks for choosing me, soon to be 3 B family!
And you need to know some background info about this hilarious picture... they own a small business that has over 100 homes in our area that they rent out.  They are full time landlords to they saw fit to write up a little note for their baby...
Dan was craking me up.. he just wanted to be apart of the pregnancy picture taking process!
Again... this hilarious daddy wanted to see what his belly would look like with a heart. Not quite as cute as Jami's!

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