Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun little 2 year old...

Got to meet this little gentleman yesterday for our shoot!  He just turned 2 and has the best little personality.  Just had to sing Happy Birthday to him to get an ear to ear grin.  I mentioned lately how much I love my job??? I get to meet fun kids like Mr. Z! 

And here is a fun picture of the gardens that many of my clients pick.. it's hard not to like it with a flowering section in bloom every month!   I am there 2-3 times a week.  =)  I know the landscapers names.  It's such a great place and 2 miles away!


Kat said...

i wish we had a garden like that! so awesome!
love the pics, especially the one w/the fire truck

Elaine said...

Is this were Alice and I took our pics? I don't remember that staircase...but it's a great place and so many different areas to take pics. Love the pics!!



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