Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another senior..

Introducing, 2011 senior Nate.  Had a grand ol' time on Sunday afternoon shooting this guy.  This was a rescheduled session due to his tennis team winning Regionals the night of our first scheduled shoot!   Nate was a stellar guy with his future bright ahead of him.. he's going to study to be a pilot next year.  Never know.. in 4 years you may board a plane and Nate might be your pilot!  Thanks for using me, Nate!  It was my pleasure!    

Love it when they aren't looking and I catch a super candid look. They are usually my favorite shots!

His sister trying to tease him to get his dimples to show.. a success! 

Speaking of pilots and planes.. next up a family session done at the hanger!  Planes included.. fun stuff!


Linz said...

What a nice-lookin' kid! Especially since he's a Kropf!=) (That's mom's side;))

Linz said...

I feel you pain. I really do. I think being a 3 year old to them means they can start skipping naps or something. And if they do...then yes they're up at all hours. Isaac is doing that to a T right now. And the 4 pm or later naps are happening too if we drive somewhere...not cool. You're NOT failure as parents at all Darce. (At least she's potty trained and gets herself up to go potty:) ) It could always be worse!

We will get thru this stage...we will get thru this stage!!

Linz said...

woops...that was supposed to go on your other post from today! oops! ha ha!



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