Thursday, October 14, 2010

Close to my heart...

This is one of my favorite families!!!  This is Darin's aunt, uncle and cousins.  When I tell people that I married into Roger and Rhonda being part of my family, they tell me how lucky I am! I totally agree.  You can't know better people than these guys.  LOVE THEM!  This was an extra fun shoot as well because it was apart of a 30th wedding anniversary gift for Roger and Rhonda.  A family session with me was one of many scavenger hunt stops in a game that the kids put on for their parents.. they ended at the church for a surprise party.  They went to meaningful places in the area that mark a time in their marriage and one of the stops was the local Airport.  This is a flying family.. Roger is a captain for American Airlines and Matt flies for a commuter company out of Elkhart. So of course pictures by some of Roger's airplanes was fitting!  And couldn't forget the Steelers garb too. =)   

My fave...
And had to show you this one.. I told them to kiss and Roger joked with how he had to use his bifocals now to find Rhonda's mouth!

Love you guys!  


The Goods said...

Awesome pictures of a wonderful family! Great job Darcy!

Jewel said...

Ooh, I know this family too! Well I know the children @ least. Both from Amigo Centre when they were campers & I was counselor. So I met their parents also thru camp. What fun pictures!

a.tonagel said...

hah! Ben was looking over my shoulder at these and when he saw the one of them kissing he said, "Roger Dat!"
I apologize for my dorky/jokester husband.
Oh I should point out that he just met Roger last week. :)



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