Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful Red-Head senior...

Here is my 3rd out of 4 seniors booked for this month!  Man, I love seniors.  I think I've said that before!  Brittany was so much fun to be around.  And bless her heart.. the girl hates creepy, crawly things and I kept sticking her in tall grasses and fence rows!  She was a trooper.  And can you get over her hair and gorgeous eyes?  Just a doll in all aspects!  Thanks again for using me, Brittany!  It was my pleasure!

Currently caught up with editing.. just in time for a senior session tomorrow and shoots Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  You guys are keeping me hopping!  Now let's hope the weather cooperates this weekend...

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a.tonagel said...

She is adorable! Gorgeous girl and beautiful pics. You are so good at posing! Love them all. My favorite senior session of yours for sure!



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