Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looks like..

they walked right out of a magazine cover, don't they?  Well, they should!  Isn't this a GORGEOUS family?  Our good friends, the Carpenter's.  You've seen them a time or 10 with my photography.  Shel's been one of my long time clients.  She was one of my first shoots when Lauren was a newborn!  She will be 3 soon and that's was the occasion for pictures. And we had to throw some family ones in there too!  And a few of James too. =)  And loved that they honored their son, Graham, by wearing pins on their shirts that read his name.  He will never be forgotten. 

This one cracked us up!  Love the sass?

A new mom/child fave. =)
Thanks for your loyalty to me, Shel. And most of all, thanks for the friendship!

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Sara ♥ Jerad said...

THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL :) the pictures and the family!!



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