Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas Card Mini Shoot!

Had wonderful weather and 4 BEAUTIFUL families on Saturday for my first ever Christmas Card Mini Shoot!  Last year I turned so many people away that wanted fall pictures for their Christmas Cards so this year I came up with the idea to take 4 families and offer them a lesser amount of pictures for a lower price than my normal session.  It was a hit! I filled up all the slots within a few hours. Yes, I'll definitely be doing this again next year. =)  It was a blast. And I just made the realization that all these families are from the church we attend!  How cool is that?  Thanks to all 4 Gracies that booked with me!  Here are two images from each family...

Up next.. the beautiful Carpenter Family and a senior session!!!  Yep.. digging out from the editing...

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Jewel said...

I love the pictures of the family in blue! Not sure if they wanted their name mentioned so I referred to them as the blue family.



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