Saturday, October 16, 2010

A fun get together...

and had to bring the camera!  This is one of my best friends from college.  We have been through so much together.. I can't tell you how much I love this friend!  We had gone 4 years without seeing each other.  I had met her oldest daughter when she was just a few weeks old.. so it was a new meeting with her younger two and my two little ladies!  We met half way from her parents and where I live while they were home from Arizona visiting family.  We did a little shoot to document the day.  So honored she blocked out a day to spend with me!  Next time we'll get a picture together!  HA! We were too busy trying to dodge mad lions and spunky monkey's!  Love ya, Mols!

Had to get one of our silly monkey's together. =)  It's seriously like a mini Darcy and a mini Molly!  Just rewind about 26 years!!

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