Friday, December 17, 2010

Another 2 year old and newborn!

All my sessions last weekend were with 2 year old's and their new siblings!  That's fun!  Must be the season.  We had taken Mr. D's newborn pictures a week prior to our shoot because he came a bit earlier than planned.  I usually like to take newborn pictures between 5-10 days.  We kept our normal session for family pictures and Miss S's 2 year session. We also wanted some picture of the new baby and his daddy.. scroll down to see the fun shot we got. =) It was a super snowy day out so we were able to capture mom and dad out in the snow in a little mini-session of their own. When I say mini I mean we were out in the snow for literally 2 minutes!  I had so much fun and appreciate you trusting me to take your pictures, S family!  

And this was such a fun picture to get.. a little boy in action. =)  
And his daddy was a sport for staying super still as I snapped away while his new son was peeing down his arm!  

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Shannon said...

That picture of sienna looks like it should be in a magazine!!

And I love the peeing one! :)



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