Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big ol extended family session!

This is another family that's near and dear to my heart!  Mike and Bobbie had been great family friends for Darin and I's entire marriage.  Bobbie has the biggest heart and shares that big ol' heart with everyone. My Adie has referred to her as "My Bobbie" since she was 2! We were going to try to get a big extended family shot but there was a sick grand baby so we took individuals of each grandchild in front of the tree instead. It worked out great. And I was able to get some fun shots of Mike and Bobbie by themselves too. She told me she felt like it was an engagement session. =)  Love this family and am privileged they choose me to capture their grand babies memories!

Here's Christy's family...
(We took a few extra of Bryce for his birth announcements.)

And Brian and Liz's family...

And Lindsay's family... no family picture of them because they had a sick one at home.. made a house call to get Miss Maylin's individual shot.

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