Friday, February 11, 2011

Lil Miss Ava...

Another one of my baby packagers turns 6 months! I have 3 babies that were all born within a few weeks of one another.. Mr. Micah is tomorrow so you'll see his session soon too. =)  As I walked in to Miss Ava's session her mom warned me that she's totally into her tongue these days.  Um, yep!  Had to weed through the many images I took to find the smiley pictures that didn't (all) include her tongue!  She was so happy and let us play dress up with her to our hearts content.  I think she wins the award for the biggest array of hair bows and flowers in one session. 

Just TRY not to smile at Miss Ava as you scroll through the pictures... I dare ya!  Double click on the pictures to see em' big and crisp. 

Had to include at least ONE tongue picture!  You shoulda seen how many images I had of her tongue!  Funny girl! 


Brandi Dawn said...

Oh My goodness!!! She is ADORABLE! I love her photos!! You are super talented Ms Darcy!!

Jewel said...

Oh, she is absolutely adorable. And her Mommy is so pretty!



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