Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss Adrienne turns 3!!!

I think I've said this before.. but this family was my FIRST paying client!  They have been with me now for almost 3 years.  Love that they keep coming back. And I love the relationship I've made with the girls.  Their mom told me they've even played "photographer" and one girl called out that she was Darcy.  Makes my heart happy!  They are so fun and never have a problem giving me TONS of smiles.  This weekend's session was in honor of Adrienne turning 3. It was all about her.. with a few pictures of her and her sisters together too. =)  Thanks again for using me again and again, Mama C!  I'll see you next month for Samantha's 18 month session!

LOVE that I captured this.. not sure mom is, but isn't it hilarious!?!?!

And pictures of all 3 girls...

Love this one.. big sister pointing to the baby on where to stand and 2nd big sister holding her back.  And Samantha eating it up.  
Perfect. =)

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