Monday, February 28, 2011

SWEET newborn Kylie!

Everyone welcome sweet Kylie to the world and to the baby package family!  She was just 6 days old when we did her newborn session. I was privileged to have an amazing artistic minded, baby whisperer and bestie Amanda along for this session.  Amanda is an amazing photographer that specialized in birth, maternity and newborn sessions. She rocks. =)  Go check out her photography blog. =)
Kylie was spoiled with all kinds of attention from the two of us and grandma and mommy. She was such a good little girl and let us position her in every way we could think of.  She is under the new baby package where we meet for a session for her newborn, 4 month, 8 month and 12 month milestones.  
Scroll down and enjoy her sweetness!!

Caught a little smirk of a smile in this one!

And for those of you with a facebook account.. I bit the bullet and started a facebook page for my photography.  Go over to the left column of the blog and go "like" my page!  You will then see my images in your newsreel. (If you don't hit "like" then the pictures won't show up in your newsreel).  I did a little something special for this shoot and posted EVERY image from the session inside the Darcy Holsopple Photography Facebook wall.  A fun little way to give you an example of the different images you will receive if you book a session with me. =)

And my blog will be undergoing a few changes here in the next few days.. keep checking back to see the dramatic change!  I know I'm excited!


a.tonagel said...

awesome darcy! Thanks for the shoutout! :)
now I need to update my blog. it is way out of date!

Jewel said...

Oh my goodness that girl is absolutely adorable. Every single picture capture her sweetness! Those parents are gonna have a hard time choosing! They'll just have to get some of each, right? :)



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