Monday, March 14, 2011

Wyatt turns 1 !!!

Aaaaand I'm back from my 2 week break!  

A lot has happened since my last session.. Darcy Holsopple Photography is now on Facebook!  Go HERE to become a fan. =)  Make sure you "like" me or my images will not appear on your News Feed. =)  It was way past time to keep my personal page and my photography page separate. 

Also, we found out we are expecting baby H #3.  Yeah, a bit of a surprise but a wonderful one at that!  I go to the midwives at the end of the month to get a better idea of when my due date is.  Once we know that, I'll be figuring out my fall schedule and the bookings I will take.  Right now I'm booked up until July with just a few spots left in July.. so if you are dragging your feet to get booked with me.. don't!  I'll hate it if I have to say no but my sanity and time with my family is priority in my life.  =)

Without further ado.. Mr. Wyatt just graduated from my baby package!  He turned one!  Sweet little guy was a DREAM at each session. His mama (and secretly myself too) desired for this session to be outdoors.  The weather man was grim but we bundled up and headed outdoors anyway.  Little Wyatt was a charm and you couldn't even tell it was in the 30's with a crazy wind chill!  We also took his brother's 5 year pictures as well.  Poor Jaydon was SO COLD!  His little shoulders kept reaching up to his ears and we had to "shake it out" before I shot every picture of him.  Bless his heart.. we did get some keepers! We also managed to get some family shots in there as well.. I know!  A very productive (chilly) session!

And my favorite picture of the session.. so sweet. =)

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