Friday, July 8, 2011

And the winners are...

I hosted my first ever competition over on Facebook through the past week. Man, did it BLOW MY MIND!  I never dreamed that the top image would take home 67 votes.  I emailed all my May and June clients to give them an opportunity to participate. 13 Families responded back and rallied to get their facebook friends to vote and this is how it turned out..

Isaac took the lead with 67 votes total! 

Becca, my first 2012 senior of the season and Senior rep for me this year, took 2nd place with 38 votes. 

One of my bff's, Erin & her hubby Andy, took 3rd place with 35 votes!!!

Miss 9 month old Megan took 4th place with 31 votes..

And my my cutie niece and nephews took the final place place with 27 votes..

It was a ton of fun and I do see more competions in the future.  

The top 5 winners will receive an 8x10 of your choice from our session.  Thank you SO MUCH for participating!  You guys rock!

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