Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet family...

I know I say this all the time but don't I capture THE most adorable families? This family ranks right up there on the scale of adorableness. Little 6 month old Levi was a gem and so smiley and full of personality. Six and nine months are my FAVORITE ages to shoot!  This is another family that is from Indianapolis.  I am honored that you would come all this way to trust me with your pictures!  I hope there is a second time, P family!


andi said...

that's my nephew...what a cutie! you did such a great job! i'm from virginia, but would love for you to take our family pictures this fall when we are visiting...gretchen told me you were taking a break though. maybe next year?

darcy said...

Hi there, Andi! I would have LOVED to capture your family but Gretchen is right.. I am booked through 2012. I am pregnant with our 3rd daughter and due Nov 14th. I am booked until then and will take the rest of the year off to be with my family! Think of me next time you visit, tho! I book about 3-4 months in advance so contact me when you know you'll visit next. =)



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