Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. 2 year old Elijah

I have shot Mr. Elijah since he was 3 months old.. he gets sweeter every time!  His mama just had a baby girl so I'll start her package next month. We were able to get all of Elijah's individual pictures accomplished along with a few pictures of him and his brother and sister and a few with grandma that's visiting from Nigeria. I LOVE this family and love all the personality Mr. Elijah give me every time!  Thanks, K family for using me again! 


JKTUCEK said...

Darcy, those pictures are just beautiful! The flowers are amazing!

Erin said...

These pictures are so good they got me choked up! The one of all three kids where they boys have the huge smiles is awesome and this last one with grandma...precious! Good work!



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