Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This one is near and dear to my heart.. one of my best good friends from Purdue!  Molly and I met during the first week of school back in 1998.  We were down the hall from each other and ended up rooming our sophomore year. She transferred for our junior and senior year but we stayed tight. I treasure Molly so much.. she was a rock for me my sophomore year when my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  I had a card laying in our apartment every day for a month. She'll never know what she means to me.. and 4 years ago her dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor after suffering from a stroke.  Sadly we can now empathize with each other and the horribleness of cancer invading our families. 

We stayed at her parents lake house in Wisconsin for a night last week and were able to get in a little family session.  Molly lives in Arizona so she keeps trying to talk me into a visit and promises to fill a day of my stay with photo sessions. Um, not going to take much convincing, Molly.. DEAL!  

Love you guys and thanks for showing us such a great time on the lake and beating up my hubby on a tube!  He enjoyed every second. I can't wait to join your 3-girl club. =)

SO honored I was able to catch these candid shots of her parents!

Darin (my hubby) grabbed the camera for this shot of Molly and I with our girls.  Josie was napping to we'll catch her and my new baby girl #3 next time. =)

I took this last one of our little cuties.. we had fun braiding that morning, can you tell?

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