Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Over the years I've been asked many-a-time from friends, clients and complete strangers (ha!) on how to use their fancy digital slr's.  And so has my friend and wedding shooter partner, Amanda of a.tonagel photography.  

What did we come up with to help out that mom that mom that has a fancy, schmancy digi slr and sticks it on auto to be a glorified point-n-shoot cuz she has no clue what all those other dials and buttons are for? 

We came up with hosting a beginners photography workshop, but of course! =) 

We're gunna have fun, teach ya how to use your camera in manual, have a little breakfast and talk cameras.  Oh yeah, and you get a really cool gift too. One that I want too, it's that cool!

Come hang out with us!  And space is super limited.. already have 3 out of the 8 spots filled up! 

please note that this is not for a beginner photographer pursuing a business that's looking for ideas on posing, workflow or anything photoshop.. it's just camera talk. =) Thanks!  Hope to see ya there!

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Stephanie said...

Oh darn :( I already know how to use my camera, and I don't think my husband would approve a plane ride for a 4 hour workshop. Sounds like fun though!



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