Friday, November 16, 2012

krathwohl family session

Litttttle bit of an update. 

Apparently my facebook page has been spammed or hacked or something. I can view my personal and business accounts but if I post, comment or try to like a comment then a box comes up that says "for security reasons I have limited access for a few days". Which I researched online and most people said it took a week. =/ Ah.. love technology when it works!

So for the meantime, I'm actually getting a ton edited and will still post sessions here on my blog. Thanks for understanding. =) Believe me.. I've laid hands all over my computer praying for whatever is wrong to go away! For now I have to be patient.. which is not one of my virtues. =)

Here are the Krathwohl's! I LOVE my time with them. Mia is so, so sweet and bonus she's super photogenic too. This is the second time we've met up this year and we had a gorgeous day for it.. almost 70 degrees! Thanks for choosing me, Krathwohl's!!! Til next time!

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