Monday, November 18, 2013

chase 6 month session

LOVE the Mattison family! Have seen them a few times this year and I feel like I've know mama Julie for years. Just love her! And I came with a game plan for Miss Hadley this session.. we were going to have fun regardless of how stupid I looked. I think it worked. =)

This session was mostly for Chase turning 6 months but I grabbed some family images too! It's hard to not implement my new way of business right now (doing just families and seniors) but I still have many baby packagers on my books. So Chase got PLENTY of just him pictures and the Mattison's got PLENTY of family images!!!

I just love Julie's face in the below picture. I am pretty sure she thinks she's going to die with Bryan tackling moves ( he played football for Iowa in college and in the NFL)... but it all ended good...

It created this candid, fun, THEM moment. LOVE IT!

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