Tuesday, November 19, 2013

mini sessions

This mini session date was super special.. it was made up with the Pastor's and their families at our church!  I know I'm bias but we have AMAZING pastor's at our church! (Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana

Talented, bible-teaching, hilarious, gifted, Jesus loving people. All of them. =) So honored to be able to capture them again! 

First up, our young adults pastor, Jeremy Byng and gorgeous Ginger and kids. 

Our brand spanking new youth pastor, Dan and his brand new wife, Kim! They got married a week after we took these images!! Yep.. THAT new of a marriage!

Our worship leader, Jeremiah and his gorgeous wife, Marcie and 4 kiddos!  Their session ALWAYS makes me laugh! 

Another pastor, Rich and the lovely and gorgeous Carol and 4 kids. Carol TOTALLY picked out the perfect colors for the red head in the family!

And our lead pastor and his amazing wife, Anne and kids!  Heaven will have thousands more people in it because of this family. Seriously. These people are the real deal.. just LOVE them!!!

And the out-take of the day.. I do believe I yelled, "there she blows!"  Lost Libby off the end to what I call "the catcher's squat." Almost took out daddy and Micah with her!

Oh.. and for those Gracies out there, yes.. I'm missing a family. They opted to have theirs in the spring so you'll see them in a few months!

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